Pimptress Is a North American rapper, songwriter, and singer. Hailing from Clearwater, Florida she started rapping at the young age of 13, at 17 Pimptress was already apart of a rap group on and off for years. In 2008 Pimptress took a new direction and went totally solo, performing at some of Tampa Bay's biggest night clubs and opening for Various Major Artist. Currently she is still performing all over Florida and other states. Pimptress is now pushing her new mix tape titled "Epic Journey"and also putting together a documentary. Also she is working on a new project titled "12 Floors Up" will be released mid-summer! Her new single "How To Get It" is about to hit radio any day. Pimptress said, " I am pretty much reintroducing myself to the world but bigger and better this time and I'm looking forward to success